Become a Volunteer

In addition to the PTO, our volunteers work hard day in and day out to ensure that the students and teachers at Polk Avenue have all of the help that they need.  We were so excited last year that Polk Avenue had 2587 hours of volunteer work.  Wow!  Obviously what you add to our school could never be replaced.  It is also good for your students to see you here at Polk Avenue.  It helps them to know that you care about their education and you are willing to give up your time, one of your most valuable commodities.  We are very excited to have added our badges that you may wear on campus proudly sharing all of the time that you have given to our school.  Whether it is 30 minutes or 3000 hours, you are greatly appreciated!!

You can become a volunteer by completing a volunteer form online (see the link above).  Parents MUST be approved volunteers to help at Polk Avenue or to attend field trips with their children.  This is for the safety of all of our children.  All volunteers must check in at the front office to scan their ID cards.  No exceptions.