Our School

Developing Leaders One Child at a Time


Leadership has been defined as  “communicating people’s worth and potential so clearly that they are inspired to see it in themselves”.

At Polk Avenue we believe that leadership is a right of ALL students, not a privilege for a special few.

Polk Avenue Cardinals lead themselves by setting personal and academic goals for themselves.  They track their academic progress and lead conferences about their progress.

Cardinals have the opportunity to speak or present to varied audiences to build their poise and confidence such as the Rotary Club, Lake Wales Leadership, Community and School Leaders at Leadership Days, weekly school wide forums, as well as school created videos.  In addition, students have the opportunity to participate in of our many school wide leadership teams.  Some of the school wide teams include:  Safety Patrols, Cardinal Chorus, PE Patrol, Flag Patrol, Lost and Found, Green Team, CNN News Team, Technology Leaders, PRIDE team, Office Leaders, Cafe Helpers, Leaders of Art, Leaders of the Grounds, and of course our monthly Cardinal Kid. Every cardinal will have a classroom leadership role during the school year.


Polk Avenue will continue to use the Next Generation Sunshine State Standards as we move towards the Common Core Curriculum to ensure that our students are given a program full of rigorous content.  We use the SuperKids reading program in Grades K-2.  We will also implement Dr. Culyer’s reading strategies in grades Pre-K-5.  Acaletics is our math program.


As a proactive school, each classroom is equipped with a Promethean Board, computer stations for students, and projectors for additional visual aide.  In addition, many of our classrooms also offer students the opportunity to use iPads, iPods, and ActivVotes real-time, learner-response technology and laptops.


Polk Avenue is proud to say that our staff is Highly Qualified.  Every teacher is teaching within their field.  Several of our teachers have graduate degrees.  We have a number of National Board Certified Teachers on staff.


Your child’s safety and security are a top priority. We take pride in a campus that provides the optimum environment for learning by “seeking first to understand, then to be understood.” As a school community, we focus on incorporating the necessary skills for wellness in all aspects of our lives. This includes a school-wide positive behavior plan, student safety leaders, and a school wide uniform dress code policy. Polk Avenue has implemented a school wide bully prevention program to ensure a safe, secure environment.


To assist our students in competing in a gloabal society, Polk Avenue offers Spanish Language classes through Rosetta Stone for our students weekly.  In addition to participation weekly in this program, students are encouraged to access Rosetta Stone at home to continue their foreign language acquisition.