Polk Avenue earned a "B" for its hard work. Way to go Cardinals!
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May 10, 2011

LAKE WALES – Polk Avenue Cardinals old and young flocked to the elementary school campus recently (April 28) for a fun and creative Family Day.

PHOTO #1:    Katoya Crumity gets creative with sidewalk chalk.

Parents and students enjoyed the day of indoor and outdoor excitement that included Field Day competitions and a picnic lunch in the school’s courtyard.

Activities were designed to exercise the brain and the body. While a “Mad Science” show was taking place in the school auditorium, other indoor activities included an Arts Showcase Gallery Walk; Math Bingo; Story Time; Water Bracelets; Bubbles; and Sidewalk Chalk creations.

PHOTO #2: Enjoying the picnic lunch at Polk Avenue Elementary are Kendyl Faro with her parents, Kelly and Dr. Anthony Faro.

Outside, students took part in a range of Field Day events including Cross the Moat; Obstacle Course; Water Balloon Race; Banner Relay with Hurdles; Kangaroo Jump; Egg Walk; Bean Bag Toss; and Tug-of-War.

Family Day ended with awards and a video review of the day’s events.

PHOTO #3:    Ella Harrington takes part in the Banner Relay with Hurdles.

PHOTO #4:    Craig McMath carried the flag during the Banner Relay with Hurdles.

May 6, 2011

LAKE WALES – Cheri Cooper’s students shows their Flying Tigers spirit after they attended a baseball game in Lakeland on April 26, along with other Polk Avenue Elementary third grade classes.

As part of the Flying Tigers’ Education Days program, students ate lunch at the baseball stadium, and participated in several games and promotions. Cooper’s class won a poster contest and earned a signed baseball, Flying Tigers banner, and Detroit Tigers bandanas for every student in the class.

Apr 28, 2011

LAKE WALES – Elapsed time can be a tough concept for third graders to understand, but teacher Becky Brown’s math class has turned learning into a game!

These Polk Avenue Elementary third graders played a game of duck-duck-goose and created a “human clock” to measure how much time had elapsed between two events.

“Students liked the game, and it helped them understand and visualize the concept of elapsed time,” said Ambica Saran, the school’s math resource teacher.